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Shower Doors & Glass Enclosures

In more recent years, an increasing number of homeowners have been choosing to have shower and glass enclosures installed. These enclosures provide privacy, prevent water from flooding outside the bath area, and make your bathroom feel more organized. There are several different styles to choose from when installing an enclosure into your bathroom.

The main styles of these enclosures are framed, semi-frameless and frameless, which each have their advantages.

Frameless Glass

Frameless Glass is a beautiful, luxurious option. Contractors use a discrete system of hardware and heavy-duty glass, which gives the structure the stability it needs without the usage of a frame. This option is more expensive due to the heavy-duty glass and is not as watertight as framed enclosures. The biggest pro of frameless glass is that it does not impede the sightline, allowing the structure to disappear almost completely. Frameless glass enclosures offer ease of access to everyone regardless of age and ability.

Framed Glass

Framed Glass is the most economical way to form a glass enclosure. Using a framework of metal, contractors are able to build the structure with more durability. Discreet metal frames are available, however, more homeowners are choosing to create depth and interest by installing bold frames. Frames are available in a variety of finishes including oil-rubbed bronze, gold, brushed nickel, and chrome. Framed enclosures are also more watertight. However, it may make cleanup more difficult due to the seams.

Semi-Frameless Glass

Semi-Frameless Glass gives you the best of both worlds. These unique shower doors have a framed outer portion and no frame between the other panes of glass. This allows for your bathroom to have a more open and modern aesthetic. Semi-frameless glass also offers various options for design and can sometimes be more affordable than frameless glass. Our top-selling shower glass unit is our semi-frameless bypass sliding door. When deciding on a shower door for your home, semi-frameless glass may be the compromise you’re looking for.

These enclosures are definitely becoming more popular throughout the country, and are featured in high-end homes on the market today. It is definitely worth considering a glass enclosure during your bathroom’s remodel.

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